Saturday, October 8, 2011

In Memory of Nathan Jordan

Back in the beginning of married life, T and I made our first married couple friends in our ward. They are Nate and Kami Jordan, Spencer and Natalie Styer. During those first years we spent numerous accounts at each other's house, sharing dinners, watching unbelievable amounts of WWF and working out at the same gym. One of my favorite memories of first meeting the Jordans was of Kami and she had a pink streak in her hair and I thought, she's gorgeous I want to be her friend. She was sitting in front of me in Relief Society. She turned around and introduced herself and said something to the effect that we should be friends. I remember seeing them both at the gym we worked out at. I continued to think these 2 are an amazing couple and continued that thought over the last 10 years of being married. Since than we have all moved apart and kept in touch a bit over email, phone, facebook, etc but as life always goes we didn't keep in touch as good as we should have. On October 1, Nate passed away due to cancer. He had been fighting AML, a horrible type of Leukemia.

We planned the 5 hour drive to Riverton, WY to attend the funeral. As luck would have it we were able to meet the Styer's within seconds of each other a little over halfway into the drive. We a little concern over leaving our truck in the middle of nowhere we hopped in and enjoyed a couple hours of reminiscing over the good old days.
At the graveside we were able to hug and cry and of course leave it to Kami to make us laugh in the middle of tears. How we miss you Kami and of course will miss Nate for years to come.
Nate was a big fan of comics. He especially liked "The Punisher." After the grave was dedicated, Kami and Grace approached the casket. Kami let Grace put stickers on the casket, just like any 5 year old would want to! They put 2 small Superman emblems (for Grace & Scarlett), one large Superman (for Kami), and a Punisher (for Nate.)

We had to make a stop at the Jordan's gym, Ironworks! This is the place Nate was founder of the "half ton club." Basically means he was amazingly tough and could squat and bench 1,000 lbs. This is Natalie Styer and I trying to be half as tough as Kami has been through this entire trial. We love you Kami and you are an inspiration to us all!
Tristan and Spencer Styer and the Ironworks image that I have to admit resembles Nate a whole lot. Thank you Nate for the friendship and know you will be missed!

In the words of Kami, "Go home and hug your husband! Go hug your kids and your dear friends!

Conference Weekend 2011

Cub River, near the top. Me and my girls
Our little family. I promise I'm not that gray, the ride was so dusty that our hair was grayish white.
Mylee and Jetta freezin in the ice caves.

On Saturday of Conference weekend our friends, Nate and Natalie Noyes invited us to their camp spot up Cub River. We spent half the day on a Rhino ride up to the ice caves. The girls loved it and Avery told everyone about the Ice Caves had REAL ice.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Pics 2011

Marisa, 1

Mylee, 3

Avery, 6

Thursday, June 2, 2011

10 years

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in St. George with our little family and Chris and Karie's family. It was such a fun trip. So grateful for this awesome guy I married. I love him so much!

St. George 2011

We made it our on yearly St. George trip. The drive down was miserable but the rest of the trip was awesome!! The girls did nothing but swimsuits and water. We hit the lake, the pool numerous times and stream. Avery and Mylee love the swimming!
Hudson and Marisa played in the sand forever!
Tristan and all his girls! Don't let him fool ya he loves every second of it.
Avery has turned into a little poser for pictures. It's hilarious! Mylee and Cord having a ball!
Karie and I soaking up the sun. It was such beautiful weather. Hudson and Marisa loved the inch deep water.
Marisa turning into such a happy little girl!

Dance 2011

Avery's little dance recital this year they danced to, "Kiss the Girl" It was so cute! She and her friends had a ball and of course she loved getting flowers from her Daddy!

Soccer 2011

Avery played her 1st year of soccer. She is such a timid little thing so we had to bribe her with a prize for either playing hard the whole season or scoring a goal. About 3 games in she scored a goal off the kickoff and we were all shocked. T took her shopping and she got a new barbie. The rest of the season she went back to playing timid. At least we know our child can be bribed!

Kindergarten Opera

Avery's kindergarten performed an opera that they wrote, painted the scenery, than performed. It was adorable. Avery was a skunk and during her part would turn around and shake her skunk tail while singing, "Stop or we will spray you." It was hilarious! Cutest little skunk I've ever seen. Cordell was a bat and didn't seem too pleased to have to sing his part. He pretty much stood there with him arms folded looking around, but was of course stinking cute. The title was, "The Gingerbread Kids." Avery also drew a picture of the opera and hers got picked to be printed in the program. She was pretty excited about that.

Matching Girls

The girls all dressed for Sunday. Sometimes I just love matching them all together. They are just too much fun to dress up!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marisa 1st birthday

My baby's 1st birthday. She actually wasn't feeling good so I was glad to get a couple happy moments. I was out of town on her actual birthday so this is the day after. I guess she won't remember anyway.
I love her hair getting a little curl. She such a fun little girl!
The cupcake was bigger than her head. She didn't know quite what to do with it.

Conference 2011

Daddy and his girls enjoying conference. All they ever want to do is lay with Daddy. I think he's running out of room to hold anymore girls.
They wanted to watch the Prophet. They lasted a whole 2 seconds to say they saw, President Monson.

Crazy Mylee

This is the perfect picture of my CRAZY MYLEE. Her crazy hair from being crazy on the trampoline. She's truly my crazy girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleeping Mylee

2 nights ago I went downstairs in the middle of the night because Mylee came up crying. This was our conversation
Me - Mommy will come lay in bed with you
Mylee - (screaming, crying) Your bed
Me - You want to sleep in my bed
Mylee - No your bed
Me - You want me to sleep in your bed
Mylee - No YOUR BED
Me - You want mommy to sleep in her bed
Mylee - YES
So basically she was crying because she wanted me to sleep in my own bed. Man kid why did you wake me up in the first place. CRAZY Kid!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

On Valentine's Day, Tristan came home with Pizza and flowers for each of his girls. It was super cute and the girls loved getting flowers from our lovebug, Daddy.

Words to live by

I wake up every morning determined both to change the world and have one heck of a good time. It makes planning the day a little difficult.” ~ E.B. white